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Your dog doesn’t want to jump anymore? – these are possible causes

If your dog (suddenly) doesn’t want to jump anymore, there are several reasons. One may be that he just doesn’t want it. However, it is ...
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Wobbler Syndrome – Diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis & what you should watch out for as an owner.

In the last article, you already learned what wobbler syndrome is in dogs, which breeds are frequently affected and what the typical symptoms are. In ...
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Canine Wobbler Syndrome – Origin, Affected Breeds & Symptoms

Canine Wobbler Syndrome is a disease of the cervical spine and spinal cord in the cervical region. “to wobble” means to sway or wobble and ...
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Your dog is having surgery? – 12 important tips for preparation and for the first time after surgery that you should know

If your dog is having surgery for a musculoskeletal condition such as hip dysplasia or a herniated disc, there are usually some unique features and ...
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Strengthen the nerve function in dogs – this is how!

When dogs suffer from back disorders, such as a herniated disc, cauda equina compression syndrome, spondylosis, nerve function is often disrupted. The cause here is ...
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Muscle building in neurological diseases – how it works properly – and what is often done wrong!

Herniated discs, Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome, Wobbler Syndrome – these are just a few neurological conditions in dogs. Nowadays, we can not only diagnose them, ...
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Your dog does not play anymore? Pain can be the cause!

Pain in general and also joint pain in dogs is a topic that dog owners are becoming more and more aware of and take seriously. ...
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Arched back in the dog – this is the cause

Again and again you see dogs that show a distinctly arched back, combined with a very stiff posture and gait. In many cases, this occurs ...
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Does your dog shake normally? So right from the front to the back?

Maybe you have never really consciously asked yourself this question and therefore never consciously looked at how your dog shakes. At first it sounds very ...
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Avoid surgery in dogs with dog physiotherapy – is it possible?

In general, surgery in a dog is always a procedure that is more or less invasive and involves various risks. Keyword anesthesia risk. Surgery cannot ...
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Neurological problems in dogs – this is how you promote nerve conduction with stroking out the spaces between the toes

A whole range of back diseases also bring neurological problems at the same time. Common conditions closely associated with neurological problems typically include herniated discs, ...
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Slipped vertebrae in dogs – spondylosisthesis – all the facts about the disease

A slipped vertebra in a dog is an unnaturally mobile vertebra in the back that leaves its normal position within the spine, causing discomfort. One ...
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How to move your dog properly after a herniated disc!

When a dog has suffered a herniated disc, the first thing you think is that he needs everything at that moment, but no movement. But ...
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Swimming with a dog – these 10 points you should consider!

Swimming with dog is a popular activity in the hot summer months. Many dogs love to swim and frolic in the cool water. A welcome ...
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