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Avoid surgery in dogs with dog physiotherapy – is it possible?

Bei Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparates gibt es oft die Möglichkeit, Operationen beim Hund zu vermeiden. Erfahre hier, wann dies möglich ist.

In general, surgery in a dog is always a procedure that is more or less invasive and involves various risks. Keyword anesthesia risk. Surgery cannot always be avoided for musculoskeletal disorders. For many diseases, however, there is the possibility of avoiding surgery with physiotherapeutic measures.

Even if surgery is not always avoidable, it is often possible to delay it, for example until the dog is more stable in health. Operation avoid dog

For which musculoskeletal conditions is it possible to prevent or delay surgery?

There are many different conditions where canine physical therapy treatment can prevent surgery. Examples include:

Hip dysplasia avoid surgery dog

In the case of hip dysplasia, surgery can very often be avoided. Even though osteoarthritis always develops in the hip joint over time, it can be delayed and stopped. Physical therapy can be used to promote and maintain joint mobility and build strong muscles to strengthen the hip joint.


Surgery can also be avoided in most cases of joint arthritis. As with hip dysplasia, the goal with physical therapy is to delay the progression of osteoarthritis, maintain/promote mobility, relieve pain, and create strong muscles.

Patellar luxation avoid surgery dog

In patellar luxation, the kneecap keeps popping out of the rolling groove, which is painful for the dog and permanently damages the joint. With dog physiotherapy, strong muscles can be trained to give the joint more stability.

Herniated disc

In the case of herniated discs, conservative treatment using medication and physiotherapy can be very successful if it is not an acute herniated disc. In many cases, surgery can be avoided in this way.

Cruciate ligament rupture

Even a cruciate ligament tear does not always require surgery. In the meantime, the cruciate ligament rupture is treated conservatively in many dog patients, i.e. surgery is not performed. Physiotherapeutic treatment can be used to stabilize the knee joint and support the joint in its healing process. Good musculature also provides support and supports the joint.

What factors are used to decide whether surgery can be avoided?

Basically, whether surgery can be avoided depends on several factors. This includes the severity of the symptoms, the pain pattern and the type and severity of the disease. The various options should always be discussed with the treating canine physiotherapist and veterinarian. Operation avoid dog

How often does the dog need to go to physiotherapy?

No general statement can be made here. In principle, however, it can be said that a single treatment is not sufficient. A dog physiotherapy treatment is a process, which in its course must also be constantly adapted to the needs and development of the dog. While treatments are usually necessary at shorter intervals in the beginning, the intervals can usually be extended over time. Operation avoid dog

It is also valuable when dog owners actively participate and support the dog’s health development with various homework exercises, such as active movement exercises, massage, etc.

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