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How good dog training is built and why it’s important that your dog is doing well in the process! – Guest article by Anne Bucher

In many of my blog articles I have already looked at the topic of pain from different angles. It is a broad subject area and ...
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Guest article: Isometric training in dog training and behavioral training respectively

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of isometric exercises and always see the close interaction ...
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Pain in the dog – When the dog does not sit and training is of no use – Guest article Bothshunde

Pain in dogs is big topic. Dogs show that they are in pain in different ways. Behavior can also show that a dog is in ...
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When the young dog suddenly limps – OCD of the shoulder

Diagnosis: OCD of the shoulder – A case report from practice My latest article in My Heart Barking #19 on OCD of the shoulder, is ...
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Fit on vacation – with 5 minutes of exercise training to more fitness – part 2

Exercise training on vacation? Isn’t it time to relax?! Exercise training should not be neglected in any life situation. Already in my last post I ...
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Fit on vacation – with 5 minutes a day more fitness -part 1

So the movement training does not come too briefly also in the vacation Vacation at last – take a deep breath, sleep in, discover new ...
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How to prevent joint problems – guest post at midoggy

What can you do to avoid joint problems such as osteoarthritis and the like? Prevent joint problems dog Many dog owners wonder what they can ...
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Patellar luxation – the clinical picture and how to help your dog

“Common disease” patellar luxation in dogs Patellar luxation is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders in dogs. But it is just as often “overlooked” ...
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