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Fit on vacation – with 5 minutes a day more fitness -part 1

Mit Bewegungstraining förderst du die Gesundheit deines Hundes. Egal ob jung oder alt: Du trainierst Beweglichkeit, Muskulatur, Koordination und Balance.

So the movement training does not come too briefly also in the vacation

Vacation at last – take a deep breath, sleep in, discover new things and let your mind wander. Do only what gives you pleasure and does you good! On vacation you finally have more time for your dog. Far away from the daily work routine you spend a great and relaxed time together. What could be more natural than taking a few minutes a day to keep your dog fit and healthy? Even with a short daily exercise training you do a lot for the health of your dog. Not only flexibility, musculature, coordination and balance are trained. It also gets the cardiovascular system going.

And the beauty: your bond will be strengthened and you will have a lot of fun together!

What can daily exercise training look like for your dog?

Everyday exercises as a work out:

The following 4 exercises are familiar to most dogs from their everyday life with their humans. We make use of them to train your dog. With them you train your dog’s joint mobility, musculature, body awareness and balance. It is important that all movements are done as slowly as possible so that your dog has to concentrate. Start with 3 repetitions per exercise per day. For all exercises, your dog should stand on a non-slip, level surface.

  • The first exercise STAND-SIT-TRANSFER: You bring your dog from stand to sit and then back from sit to stand. If possible, he should stay in one place and not move away from the front. If you stand quite close to him, it is easier for him to stay in place.
  • The second exercise SITZ-PLATZ-TRANSFER: You bring your dog into the sit. Now you give him the signal to go into the square. From there, it should move back into the seat.
  • The third exercise: STANDING TRANSFER: Your dog stands. Now give him the signal to go into the square. He should not sit down first, but go directly from stand to place. Then let him go again from the square directly into the standing position. Also in this exercise, when standing up, he should stay in one place if possible and not move away from the front.
  • The fourth exercise: GIVE FIVE!: When giving paw, your dog should sit best. Let him give you both paws in turn. You can also vary the height and have the paw given to you at different heights – all the way up to a high five!


Stretching increases the elasticity of the muscles and the mobility of your dog. Start with 3 repetitions per exercise per day.

The first exercise: STRETCHING BACK: For this exercise, stand over your dog in the area of the hind legs so that he is standing between your legs and you are facing the same direction. Take a treat, hold it in front of his nose, and then slowly move it from the nose to the left in an arc toward your dog’s hind leg. Your dog will follow the treat and try to reach it. In doing so, he bends his spine to the side. Don’t make your dog bend further to the side by coaching and pushing. He should perform the movement only as far as he can. Hold the treat in place for about 3 seconds before returning it to his nose and then giving it to him. Then you do the same thing to the right.

The second exercise: STRETCHING HIPS: For stretching the hips, have your dog either stand up against you or against a wall, for example, and have him hold this position for about 3 seconds.

You should not do the presented exercise training if:

Refrain from training if your dog is suffering from pain or acute inflammation in the joint. If your dog has stiffened joints, refrain from exercises that require flexion of the affected joint. You should also take it easy on your dog during acute infections and fevers.

Evening relaxation

In the evening you can end your exciting day together with a little massage. It is very relaxing and beneficial for your dog. In addition to the relaxation of the muscles, it is real wellness for the soul and additionally strengthens the bond between you two!

I wish you much joy and great adventures on your vacation together! Have a wonderful time!

In the second part of “Fit on Vacation” I’ll show you how you can also use your surroundings and nature for great workouts on vacation!

PS: All these exercises you can also continue when you are back home! They are perfect as a workout to keep your dog fit and you spend great time together at the same time!


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