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Fit on vacation – with 5 minutes of exercise training to more fitness – part 2

Bewegungstraining für den Hund

Exercise training on vacation? Isn’t it time to relax?!

Exercise training should not be neglected in any life situation. Already in my last post I presented you a daily workout with simple and effective exercises for your dog, so you can do something for his fitness even on vacation. But you can do more! This post is all about training in nature, on the outings and walks with your dog.

Use nature and do something for the fitness of your dog!

You can also take advantage of the conditions of your surroundings for small training sessions on your daily exploration tours and excursions. I’ll tell you how!

You are going on vacation by the sea? – Exercise training in water

Long walks on the beach and fresh sea air are dreamlike. Many dogs enjoy frolicking through the seawater. Taking your dog through the seawater at a walk and trot is an efficient work out for the muscles and joint mobility. Your dog must move consciously and balance precisely. It’s good for his body image! Due to the water resistance, the effort is much higher and the muscles are trained more than when running on land. On the positive side, the deeper your dog wades through the water, the less body weight he has to carry. Start by exercising in shallow water and then progress to knee-deep treading water. Start with 1-2 minutes and slowly increase the units.

Running in the sand can be very tiring. We know this from our own experience. This also applies to your four-legged friend. He trains strength and muscles, has to lift his feet more and move his joints more than on hard surfaces. In addition, balance and coordination are promoted.

This turns your walk on the beach into the perfect “work out” for your dog’s entire body. Always make sure you match beach trips to your dog’s condition and fitness level. Dogs can also get painful sore muscles and especially in the first few days, you should take your beach walks and water workouts slowly.

No sea in sight? movement training

No problem, a lake with a shallow shore is also suitable for your training! You can tread water in the lake in the same way and the training effect is the same. Again, starts with 1-2 minutes of wading through the shallow water. This can be done alternately at a walk and trot. Then rise to knee-deep water.

Movement training on land: forest and meadows as a balance course

In the forest and on meadows it goes over hill and dale. The smells are intense, your dog makes his way through the meadow and the forest. This is incredibly exciting for him! Our fur noses have not only a lot more to discover when running cross-country, also as a small training unit is the stromern through forest and meadows simply brilliant. The uneven and many different surfaces are the optimal balance and coordination training for your dog. Your dog is much more aware of his movements and the body feeling is trained and improved. In addition, the musculature and joint mobility is promoted.

Two additional outdoor exercises: Tree trunk & Co. as training equipment

Walking in the forest, you can easily find some thicker fallen branches. Lay three to five of them in a dog’s length distance behind each other. Let’s start with the Cavaletti training! Now let your dog walk slowly and step by step over it. You train the mobility of the joints, balance and coordination. It also promotes muscle tone and a normal range of motion.

You can also use tree stumps and thick stones on the trips with your dog. Lead your dog in a slalom around the obstacles. As with cavaletti training with the branches, the distance should be about a dog’s length. With slalom training you train your dog’s body awareness, balance and coordination. In addition, the spine is always brought into a slight sideways flexion and thus kept mobile and the muscles are trained. This exercise is also great for a normal range of motion!

You can repeat both exercises three times each. It’s best to lead your dog on a leash around or over the obstacles so that you set the pace and your dog makes all the movements slowly and deliberately.

When is training off limits?

Training is off limits for your dog if your dog is suffering from pain or acute inflammation in the joint. If your dog has stiffened joints, refrain from exercises that require flexion of the affected joint. You should also take it easy on your dog during acute infections and fevers. To end the exciting and thrilling day, you can pamper your dog with a soothing and relaxing massage.

In addition to the relaxation of the muscles, it is real wellness for the soul and additionally strengthens the bond between you two!

I wish you much joy and great adventures on your vacation together! Have a wonderful time!

PS: If you want to keep your dog fit after your vacation, take the time to continue doing the exercises presented at home!

Movement training

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