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Tag: Food supplement

Methylsulfonylmethane – MSM – food supplement for your dog’s joints.

When a dog suffers from joint problems, dog owners are often looking for a dietary supplement that can actively support the dog’s joints. I think ...
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Your dog has osteoarthritis? Tips for sensible arthritis management!

“Managing” osteoarthritis in dogs is something that causes a lot of problems for most dog owners. Because osteoarthritis can really be an “ass”. Even if ...
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The dog’s knee joint – why it’s particularly prone to joint problems & how you can strengthen it as a dog owner

The dog’s knee joint is probably the most complex joint in the dog. In addition, along with the elbow and hip joints, it is one ...
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This is how you as a dog owner can specifically support your dog after a torn ligament!

When a dog suffers a torn ligament, the question often arises as to what can be actively done as a dog owner to support the ...
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6 valuable tips for the fall – how to help your dog with osteoarthritis

If a dog suffers from joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or spondylosis, fall is the time of year when joints often hurt and ...
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MSM, Glucosamine & Chondroitin – 3 supplements to help your dog with joint problems.

If your dog suffers from joint problems, there are good ways to support him specifically with supplements. There is a wide variety of natural “helpers” ...
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4 Tips to get a dog with joint problems back in shape fast & what you should avoid!

Joint problems in dogs are an issue that affects almost every dog owner in the course of a dog’s life. Again and again dog owners ...
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Bone cancer in dogs – all the facts about the disease

Bone cancer is a common cancer in dogs. There’s no need to beat around the fact that the prognosis is extremely poor. However, it is ...
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Ginger for dogs – help with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia & Co.

In humans, ginger has long been known to be healthy and healing. But what about the dog. Can you also give ginger to the dog? ...
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Devil’s claw – this is how it helps your dog with joint diseases!

Devil’s claw is a medicinal plant native to Africa. However, their effect is now known far beyond the borders of Africa. After being used in ...
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2 anti-inflammatory supplements for dogs – rosehip & sea buckthorn berry

There is a great variety of helpers from nature in the form of medicinal plants and also a wide range of anti-inflammatory supplements for dogs. ...
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OCD of the shoulder – what does it mean for your dog?

OCD of the shoulder – typical disease in young dogs In this article, I’ll tell you how OCD develops. You will learn how to recognize ...
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