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Tag: Dog osteoarthritis

Nettle for dogs – gentle and effective relief for joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Nettle for dogs? Really?! Nettles know many people because they hurt nasty when you touch them. Yes, and as an annoying “weed” that grows pretty ...
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Osteoarthritis in dogs – 7 important tips for behavior

Every dog person has actually heard of osteoarthritis in dogs. It is one of the most common joint diseases in our four-legged friends. Osteoarthritis is ...
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You should know these symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs!

Do you know the classic symptoms for hip dysplasia? Most dog owners have heard of hip dysplasia, as it is one of the most common ...
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Nibbling and licking the joints – this is not a cleaning mania!

Often, nibbling and licking the joints is considered part of grooming. Of course, our four-legged friends also engage in personal hygiene. For example, after a ...
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