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Tag: Back pain dog

Your dog doesn’t want to jump anymore? – these are possible causes

If your dog (suddenly) doesn’t want to jump anymore, there are several reasons. One may be that he just doesn’t want it. However, it is ...
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Arched back in the dog – this is the cause

Again and again you see dogs that show a distinctly arched back, combined with a very stiff posture and gait. In many cases, this occurs ...
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Does your dog shake normally? So right from the front to the back?

Maybe you have never really consciously asked yourself this question and therefore never consciously looked at how your dog shakes. At first it sounds very ...
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Your dog does not like to swim or is not allowed to? – Treading water for dogs – the alternative

Treading water for dogs is becoming more and more popular. But why actually? Dogs can swim, right? Plus, it sounds mind-numbing. But they do exist, ...
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10 behavioral tips for spinal cord infarction – how to support your dog

When a dog suffers from a spinal cord infarction, the affected dog owners are usually very helpless and overcome with great fear for the dog. ...
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Spinal cord infarction in dogs – how to help them with physiotherapy

The last blog post was already about spinal cord infarction in dogs and its development as well as symptoms. In this article you will get ...
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Degenerative myelopathy – these are the most common symptoms

In Part I of the blog series on degenerative myelopathy, you have already learned a lot of important information about the disease. This article is ...
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Relieve pain in dogs with hot packs, red light & Co.

Relieving pain in dogs is a big topic. But sometimes you can also prevent the administration of painkillers – and if so, how?! Absolutely! With ...
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Two exercises from dog fitness training that will help your dog with spondylosis

Your dog has spondylosis and you want to get active? What spondylosis means for your dog was the topic of my last post. As promised, ...
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