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10 behavioral tips for spinal cord infarction – how to support your dog

Bei einem Rückenmarksinfarkt beim Hund kann man vieles tun, um ihm den Alltag zu erleichtern. Erfahre hier die wichtigsten Verhaltenstipps.

When a dog suffers from a spinal cord infarction, the affected dog owners are usually very helpless and overcome with great fear for the dog. They find it difficult to deal with the situation. What is the best way to support your dog? Therefore, it is important to address what actions you can take if your dog develops a spinal cord infarction or even another neurological disease.

In this article I have summarized for you a number of important tips on how to support your dog in this situation.

Behavioral tips for spinal cord infarction

1. paw protection

As long as your dog is dragging his hind paws, support him with paw shoes. They offer him much more stability and he does not run his paws bloody. There are different variants that can be worn indoors or outdoors. A good fit is important to avoid slipping or pressure points.

2. anti-slip in the house behavior tips for spinal cord infarction.

The neurological disorders and/or paralysis cause your dog a lot of problems in everyday life. Every step is associated with uncertainty. You can give him a lot of relief by making sure he only moves on non-slip surfaces. Sure, you can’t just carpet the entire house or apartment. But you can temporarily line the areas where your dog usually moves around a lot with non-slip runners, for example, or yoga mats.

3. comfortably on the sofa and in the car

On the one hand, jumps unnecessarily strain your dog’s back, on the other hand, coordination and balance are difficult for him. Therefore, avoid jumping in and out of the trunk. The risk of injury is great. If you can’t lift your dog into the trunk, there are handy dog ramps. Dogs usually get used to it quickly. Your dog loves to sleep on the sofa? Then you should avoid him jumping on the sofa. If you can’t lift him, there are great climbing aids and dog stairs. You can offer them to him to help.

4. help and safety when climbing stairs behavior tips in spinal cord infarction.

Your dog should climb as few stairs as possible. If it cannot be avoided, there are practical carrying aids. With this you can support and relieve your dog – and give him support and security.

5. protect the back of your dog

Avoid riding on other dogs. The back is particularly sensitive and should be protected. Even the well-intentioned patting and patting on the back is unpleasant and harmful for your dog. Behavioral tips for spinal cord infarction

6. adapted movement

Of course, you want your dog to keep moving. However, adjust walks and exertion to your dog’s current state of illness. Best done in consultation with your physical therapist or veterinarian. Rather take shorter walks, but more often.

7. normal weight is mandatory!

Basically, overweight harms your dog. But especially now, weight reduction is inevitable if your dog weighs too much. Every gram too much on the ribs is an additional burden for the musculoskeletal system.

8. no sports please!

Competitive sports are taboo. Short stops, tight turns and jumps are extraordinary stresses for the body. Even after recovery, you should not do this to your dog under any circumstances. If your dog’s health allows it, I encourage you to do sports activities such as mobility or degility. They are geared towards dogs with mobility impairments and can be customized to fit your dog’s needs.

9. well bedded

A good place to sleep is always very important for your dog. Our dogs are like us: when we sleep on a good mattress, we don’t have back and joint pain and we are rested. Your dog’s sleeping space should also be set up to accommodate his condition. An orthopedic dog bed provides wonderful pressure relief for the back. Your dog sleeps like on clouds. It is suitable for healthy and sick, as well as older dogs alike.

When choosing a place to sleep, make sure it’s large enough and allows your dog to stretch out completely. If possible, the dog bed should not be located in cold, drafty areas.

10. movement training

To prevent your dog from losing muscle and getting rusty joints, it’s important that you work with him specifically. In addition, body awareness, balance and coordination should also be promoted. Please have a professional show you appropriate exercises that you can do regularly at home.

You have questions about the topic? Then feel free to contact me!

All the love, your Tina

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