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These eight points show you that your dog is healthy!

Daran erkennst du, ob dein Hund gesund ist

How can you tell if your dog is healthy?

We all want our dog to be healthy. But how do we actually recognize it? Mostly we read and talk only about how we recognize that our dog is bad, that he is sick etc.. Of course it is important to recognize and know this. But it is also important to know how you can tell that your dog is healthy or doing well. There are clear signs that tell you that your dog is healthy. Of course, your dog shows you individually according to his character and temperament in his own way that he is doing well. Therefore, not all points mentioned are valid for every quadruped. In the same way Knowing signs that our dog is not well, we should know how he shows us that he is fit and he has a good day!

These are Snowy’s individual signs of her well-being

As you may know, my Snowy suffers from a variety of joint conditions. That means we have good days and sometimes not so good. I recognize her good days, for example, by the fact that she has particularly large and clear eyes. It is then also more active. The highlight is when she rolls around in her crib and pokes her long nose while grunting and snorting.

The following eight points are indicators that your dog is healthy or doing well!

Your Dog….
  • has clear eyes and looks at you with alert eyes.
  • has shiny coat that feels good to the touch.
  • takes an active part in your life and is full of joie de vivre.
  • goes through life with a normal weight.
  • can move according to his age and loves his daily walks.
  • enjoys his daily ration of food.
  • Is always up for a play challenge from his best dog buddy.
  • lies relaxed in his crib during rest breaks without being restless.

How does your dog show you that he is well and healthy? Do tell!

Your Tina

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