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Category: Cauda Equina

Your dog doesn’t want to jump into the car anymore? – This is not defiance!

Your dog doesn’t want to jump into the car anymore and you are totally annoyed about it? He stands indecisively in front of the open ...
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You should know these top 19 symptoms of cauda equina compression syndrome!

Cauda equina compression syndrome (CECS for short ) is particularly common in German shepherds, boxers and Rottweilers. But beware: theoretically, any dog can be affected! ...
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Back pain in dogs – how to recognize it!

Back pain in dogs is no exception! If you think that back pain in dogs is an exceptional phenomenon, you are far wrong. Many more ...
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The spine of the dog – you should definitely know!

The spine of the dog How is the spine of the dog actually built? We’re going to take a little trip into anatomy. Anatomy is ...
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These 15 symptoms of herniated disc in dogs you should know!

The main symptoms of herniated disc You should definitely know the symptoms of a herniated disc. Why? Herniated disc is a common disease of the ...
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Dog coat – when it is indispensable & how it helps your dog

A dog coat is no frills Dogs also freeze – that once first of all and benefit from a dog coat. Whether your dog is ...
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Dog paw loops

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Paw dragging in dogs – a serious symptom In the snow, you can see it particularly well: paw ...
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The 15 most important symptoms of spondylosis in dogs

More and more dog suffer from spondylosis Even though spondylosis in dogs is often an incidental finding, it has become a true “common disease”. To ...
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21 points that tell you if your dog is in pain!

How can you tell if your dog is in pain? Not sure if your dog is in pain or uncomfortable? Your dog cannot speak. Therefore, ...
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Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome – Isometry as an all-round exercise

What can you do for cauda equina compression syndrome? Your dog has been diagnosed with Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome? Now it’s about how you can ...
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Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome – what it means for your dog

Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome in Dogs The term Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome (CECS for short) comes up frequently among dog owners. But what does it ...
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Massage grips for dogs – circles (incl. video)

You want to learn massage techniques for dogs yourself? There are a variety of massage handles for dogs. Some of them can be performed by ...
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You want to massage your dog? How to do it – Strikes (incl. video)

You can learn to massage your dog You too can massage your dog! Really! In my article Massage for dogs – more than just wellness ...
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Two exercises from dog fitness training that will help your dog with spondylosis

Your dog has spondylosis and you want to get active? What spondylosis means for your dog was the topic of my last post. As promised, ...
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Spondylosis in dogs – this is what you should know!

Spondylosis in dogs is being diagnosed more and more often, but what does it even mean? Even in my practice days, many dog owners came ...
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