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4 tips for an exciting walk with your old dog

4 Tipps für einen spannenden Spaziergang mit deinem alten Hund

How do walks stay exciting with your old dog?

My last few posts have already been all about living with a senior dog. As our dog gets older, we inevitably have to adjust our daily life and activities with our four-legged friend. For many dog owners, it is a very difficult moment to feel that the dog can no longer do as he did before. That he can’t do the big walks anymore and gets tired faster. The next day, he then gets up sluggishly and takes longer to recover. At the latest now is the time to think about how to keep your dog mobile even as a senior and how to arrange his activities when he just can no longer manage the big walks.

Too much exercise harms

The biggest mistake would be to continue to insist on extended walks that your dog can no longer manage. Not only does it overtax him physically, but the fun of the walk falls by the wayside when his joints start to ache and he can only keep up with them with difficulty.

However, your dog needs to stay mobile and have daily exercise. Otherwise, ARTHROSE and Co. will give him a hard time. But there are great ways to make walks exciting and thrilling for you and your dog, even if they are shorter.

Keyword: Variety – also for the senior dog

There is nothing worse for a gray muzzle than to run the same little pippi route day in and day out because “he can’t do it like that anymore”. There are many ways to make even shorter walks exciting and motivating!

  1. Take his favorite toy on the walk or hide treats for your dog to find. Not only is your dog moving, but he’s getting some head and nose work in the process.
  1. You can incorporate simple gymnastics exercises into your walk. They keep the body fit and exercise your dog’s mind at the same time! This is also very important despite advancing age! Start with easy everyday exercises such as sit-to-stand transfer, sit-to-place transfer, stand-to-place transfer, or give paw. They are simple to implement, but have a big impact. Start with a few repetitions so as not to overwhelm your dog.
  1. Let him clamber over branches or slalom around tree stumps on walks. Walk off the paved trails with your dog. This is not only a great workout but also totally exciting. Changing surfaces such as field and forest soil, sandy surfaces or gravel train body awareness, balance and coordination.
  1. If your dog can’t make the big rounds anymore, take him to the places he used to love to walk. You will see the variety will give him a lot of energy and motivate him to move. Different external impressions, new exciting smells are not to be underestimated and also motivate your dog to move and explore the environment.

You see, there’s no reason to be depressed that it’s no longer the big and extensive walks. There are so many ways to have fun with your dog, even on shorter trips, and keep him fit and moving.

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