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Why good conditioning training is healthy for your dog

Condition training is good for every dog: Good training to promote endurance and condition is not only useful for sporting dogs. In general, fitness training not only trains the musculoskeletal system. The cardiovascular system is also strengthened, and blood circulation and fat metabolism are set in motion. Overall, a good condition and endurance affect the immune system and let our four-legged friends become more resistant.

By the way: as with us humans, happiness hormones are also released in dogs!

What does endurance mean?

Endurance is, on the one hand, the resistance to exhaustion and endurance of effort and, on the other hand, the regeneration after the effort and stress. This refers to the musculature and nervous system, but also the cardiovascular system.

Is fitness the same as endurance?

Strictly speaking, stamina is a bit broader than endurance. Because the term additionally includes agility, speed and strength. Condition training dog

How do fitness and endurance affect everyday life?

This can be explained using an example of us humans as follows: Depending on how fit we are and how well trained we are, it is difficult for us to walk up the stairs to the fifth floor and it takes our bodies different lengths of time to recover from the effort. Especially when we are untrained, it often takes us longer to recover from physical exertion. Our dogs are no different.

If we have not been physically active or exercising for a long time, our fitness and physical performance dwindles. The regeneration time is prolonged. Therefore, it is also important that fitness is built up slowly and gently to prevent damage and excessive fatigue. Especially after longer periods of rest, after illnesses and operations, a gentle build-up is important.

How does being in good shape affect your four-legged friend’s health?

  • the general resilience is increased
  • the cardiovascular system is strengthened
  • the blood circulation is improved
  • the muscle metabolism is improved
  • the immune system is strengthened
  • stress is reduced and a good ability to concentrate is trained
  • the fat metabolism and oxygen metabolism will improve
  • the release of serotonin – a happiness hormone – is increased

Additional effect of fitness training for your dog:

  • It reduces the risk of injury
  • Increases performance – also during sports
  • The quadruped gets into performance mode faster
  • After the activity the dog increases faster from the physical load

But how do you build up a good level of fitness and what do you need to consider? In the next article, I’ll tell you which measures you can use to train your four-legged friend’s stamina and condition, and what you should definitely keep in mind. Condition training dog

All the love, Tina


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