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Hoopers Agility – an ingenious, joint-friendly dog sport for every dog

Hoopers Agility ist die perfekte Hundesportart für Hunde mit Gelenkproblemen oder ältere Hunde, da sie sehr gelenkschonend ist.

Hoopers Agility also known as N.A.D.A.C Hoppers or simply Hoopers, is a dog sport that actually came to Europe from the USA. In Europe, more and more dog owners are enjoying it and the sport is becoming more and more popular.

But what exactly is Hooper’s Agility?

Hoopers Agility is about completing an extensive equipment course in a specific order. This consists of devices such as barrels (barrel), tunnels, the so-called fences (gates) and arches (hoops). There is no jumping at the Hoopers. This should be completed as faultlessly as possible. This requires great communication between man and dog, timing and skill.

What are the rules for the sport and what distinguishes it from agility?

The number of apparatuses to be completed on the course, the order and the distance between the apparatuses always depends on the class in which the man-dog teams start. Unlike in classic agility, the dog owner does not run with the dog in hoopers. The dog will start and then go to a lead area that may not be left. This, of course, makes Hoopers a brilliant dog sport for people who have joint problems themselves or are otherwise limited in their mobility. The dog is guided over distance by means of sight and sound signals and the body language of the dog owner.

As a dog physiotherapist, why do I think Hooper’s Agility is great?

You’re probably wondering why I write so enthusiastically about Hoopers. Quite simply, it’s a sport for dogs that is decidedly joint-friendly. The course is wide, which means there are no tight turns and short stops. In addition, there are no jumps, which are known not to be particularly joint-friendly. This makes it a sport that is really suitable for “every dog”. Whether small or large, young or old. Everyone can develop here. It is also a dog sport that is very suitable for dogs with joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, as it is easy on the joints.

Have you ever tried Hoopers with your dog? What are your experiences? Feel free to share them with me in the comments!

All the love, your Tina

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