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Tag: Movement exercises

Movement training for young dogs – 2 active exercises for a good body feeling and coordination

When a young dog moves in, as a dog owner you delight in his clumsy and often awkward movements as he explores the world step ...
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The right substrate in exercise and fitness training for dogs – why it is so important!

Actually, I never really planned to take up this topic in a blog post. But it’s actually still pretty common that I see a lot ...
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Healthy dog sports – your dog’s health in mind! Interview at dog sport Nubi

The topic of dog sports – and especially healthy dog sports – is something I encounter again and again and more and more as a ...
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2 effective exercises to strengthen your dog’s coordination and body awareness

Many dogs, surprisingly, have relatively poor body awareness and body consciousness. For them, their body stops behind the torso. This inevitably leads to uneven loading ...
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