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Tag: Massage for dog

Gelenkschmerzen beim Hund treten häufig auf und beeinträchtigen unsere Hunde. Erfahre hier, woran du sie erkennst und was du tun kannst.

Joint pain in dogs: Important signs and what you can do!

Your dog is an important part of the family, and it is our common goal to ensure that he is always well. One of the ...
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Relieve tension in dogs from joint disease with massage – gentle help for pain

When our dogs suffer from joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or spondylosis, their joints often hurt. Especially when joint wear is far advanced ...
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How to avoid muscular imbalances and tension through footwork in dog sports

In many dog sports, emphasis is placed on footwork. This means that the dog runs on the left side of the handler. Ideally, the dog’s ...
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