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Relieve tension in dogs from joint disease with massage – gentle help for pain

Verspannungen beim Hund entstehen auch wenn er unter Gelenkerkrankungen leidet. Im Artikel erfährst du, wie du sie mit Massage linderst.

When our dogs suffer from joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or spondylosis, their joints often hurt. Especially when joint wear is far advanced and the cartilage is severely damaged, many movements become difficult. After longer periods of rest, dogs then find it difficult to stand up, for example, they are stiff-legged and often lame. Pain and lameness can also occur during walks. Tension in the dog

As a result, dogs try to rest the affected joints. A completely natural behavior. A gentle posture develops. However, this leads to the mobility of the joint being further restricted, the arthrosis progressing further and other areas of the body also being affected.

Painful muscle tension develops, which leads to further postures and movement restrictions. The dog is in a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. An important basis in a treatment concept for joint diseases is therefore massage.

How can massage help with joint diseases and why it should not be missed? Tension in dog

By means of massage, muscular tension caused by relieving postures can be gently released. The dog can move again more easily and with less pain. In combination with measures that promote joint mobility, such as active movement exercises, or passive movement, laser therapy, etc., the fight against joint pain and wear can be declared.

How exactly does a massage work on a dog?

The different massage strokes have different intensities. They act on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles depending on the. This results in increased blood flow to the muscles. The temperature in the tissue is also increased. Pain substances are removed. It gently relaxes tension and relieves pain. At the same time, the nerves are stimulated. A massage also acts locally applied to the entire body of your dog and affects, metabolism as well as breathing, heartbeat and digestion. Your dog relaxes physically on the one hand and mentally on the other.

Can dog people do massage on the dog themselves?

After professional guidance in any case! I think it is a very valuable measure that dog people can use regularly at home on their dog and thus contribute significantly to the improvement of the state of health. And this is really an extremely important point: You should not simply “massage away”, but rather learn exactly how the various massage techniques work and are carried out, so that you also have a lasting effect and you do not harm your dog. Various massage techniques can be used during the massage, such as stroking, kneading, circling and rolling with the hands. By the way, behind the links to the strokes, kneading and circles you will find detailed instructions on the massage holds and learn everything about their effect. However, if the dog person feels insecure here, soothing massages can also be applied, for example, with a massage glove (detailed instructions are also linked here).

Massage can also be supplemented, for example, with heat treatments, such as red light, which also gently loosens the muscles and at the same time also relieves pain. They are usually very well tolerated by dogs.

Have you ever massaged your dog? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments!

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Tension in dog

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