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Tag: Massage

Relaxed Christmas days for your dog – feel-good moments with massage & Co.

Christmas days often mean hustle and bustle and excitement for our dogs. Many things are different, you get a visitor or visit the family. This ...
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Dog massage made easy with the massage glove – instructions for dog owners

Many dog owners are very interested in the subject of dog massage. But they don’t always want to venture into real massages. You don’t always ...
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Pain-free with heat – how to relieve pain in your dog

Heat is a wonderful way to relieve pain in your dog Relieve pain dog There are many ways to do something good for your dog ...
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Effective Cool Down for the sporting dog

Cool down in dog Cool Down is completely overrated? That’s what we should be talking about. Because what actually happens after the sport, just back ...
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Relieve pain and relax with hedgehog ball, brush and curry comb (incl. video)

You want to relieve pain with massage – but without learning holds? This is how it works! You want to relieve pain and release tension ...
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Massage grips for dogs – circles (incl. video)

You want to learn massage techniques for dogs yourself? There are a variety of massage handles for dogs. Some of them can be performed by ...
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Loosening tensions with massage – kneading (incl. video)

You want to relax tensions in your dog? I will explain how you can learn to massage your dog and thus loosen tensions. The kneadings ...
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You want to massage your dog? How to do it – Strikes (incl. video)

You can learn to massage your dog You too can massage your dog! Really! In my article Massage for dogs – more than just wellness ...
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Massage for dogs – more than just wellness

The emergence of massage in dogs Massage for dogs is not an invention of modern times. In general, massage has been known for its healing ...
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