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Your dog has osteoarthritis? Tips for sensible arthritis management!

“Managing” osteoarthritis in dogs is something that causes a lot of problems for most dog owners. Because osteoarthritis can really be an “ass”. Even if ...
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Pain-free through autumn and winter with joint problems – 5 tips to support your dog in everyday life!

If there’s one thing our dogs suffer from when it comes to joint problems, it’s the cold, wet weather in the fall and winter. If ...
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This is how you as a dog owner can specifically support your dog after a torn ligament!

When a dog suffers a torn ligament, the question often arises as to what can be actively done as a dog owner to support the ...
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Strain in dogs – how it occurs, what it means and how to treat it.

Just like us humans, dogs can also pull a muscle. Maybe you know it, that your dog just ran happily and wildly with his dog ...
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Retterspitz – wrap – fast helper against joint pain in dogs

Joint diseases such as osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia are often painful for our dogs as well. Of course, no quadruped should suffer pain. I like ...
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Sprain in the dog – what to do?

Especially dog people with active dogs know this all too well: your dog is running wildly across the meadow with another dog and then suddenly ...
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Dog sprain – how to recognize it and what you can do

A sprain in a dog can happen quickly. Most dog owners will be familiar with the scenario: just now the four-legged friend is romping wildly ...
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