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Tag: Agility

Hoopers Agility – an ingenious, joint-friendly dog sport for every dog

Hoopers Agility also known as N.A.D.A.C Hoppers or simply Hoopers, is a dog sport that actually came to Europe from the USA. In Europe, more ...
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When the dog jumps – these are the effects on the forehand

Whether in the forest over tree trunks or sometimes over smaller ditches and obstacles – almost every dog owner has let his dog jump. Regular ...
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Dog sports – “High-Impact” and “Low-Impact” sports – these are the differences

In recent years, the world of dog sports has not only changed a lot, but has also grown a lot. But it is not only ...
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Healthy dog sports – your dog’s health in mind! Interview at dog sport Nubi

The topic of dog sports – and especially healthy dog sports – is something I encounter again and again and more and more as a ...
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Agility with large, lumbering dogs: Danger to health?

Already here I would like to answer the question quite clearly with YES. Agility with large, lumbering dogs is simply unhealthy. It does not correspond ...
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