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Standing training for dogs – why the standing position is the basis for movement (training)

The stand training with the dog – many dog owners know it as a signal for standing still e.g. before crossing a street. But let’s face it, no one really pays attention to how the dog is standing, do they?!

You just assume that the dog can do it and is just “equipped” with the stand. That is also true in principle. But it does not mean that the dog then stands correctly. This actually behaves in the same way as sitting with the dog. Here, too, we think that the dog can already do that. But if you look closely, you can see that many dogs don’t sit straight in the sit, slide their butts to the side, angle a run, make a round back, etc….

The situation is similar for the stand-up. Again, it is often the case that the dog is not really balanced, the runs are not clean and paired, parallel. The dog stands like a sip of water in the curve.

Does it matter how the dog is standing?

No, because if the dog cannot stand cleanly, then it is not balanced and its body is not in equilibrium. Correct standing is the basis for correct movements and also the basis for doing correct and efficient movement and fitness training with your dog. After all, how can the dog perform an exercise cleanly if it cannot stand or sit correctly. If the starting position is not correct, the movement we want to perform afterwards may not be correct either.

For this reason alone, the Stand exercise is a component in every one of my online exercise training courses. And I know that it likes to be neglected sometimes. After all, she doesn’t look that spectacular. Just like sitting correctly. As feedback I get here then to hear: “My dog can stand and sit, why should I do that as exercise! I want to learn something new!

When I then ask to send me video sequences of the dog standing or sitting, the result often does not surprise me. Sure, the dog can stand or sit. Just not right. If I then analyze the basic positions of the dog together with the dog owner, the view sharpens here and an awareness arises for how much the quadruped stands or sits like a “sip of water in the curve”.

Training the position stand – looks easier than it is

With the consciousness for the movements of the own dog comes then also always fast the realization that it is not at all so simple for the dog to train a correct standing. It takes time and patience to train the dog’s awareness of the position/position of its body and limbs in space and to gradually change its movements and posture.

This does not happen overnight, but only through continuous repetition of the position. You would like to train the correct and healthy standing with your dog? Then here I present you the exercise from my online courses:

Stand training for dogs as an exercise from the movement training – so your dog learns to stand correctly

Equipment: Possibly a small elevation as a spatial boundary

Stand training with dog
Stand training with dog

Here’s how

The initial position is the seat. Give your dog the signal to change from sit to stand. Your dog should stand with all four legs clean. This means his front legs in pairs next to each other and also the hind legs in pairs next to each other. No run should be on display. The weight should be evenly distributed on its runs.

The task is for your dog to stand steady and balanced on all four legs. The head should be carried in extension of the spine and the spine should form a straight line. What sounds so simple is complex for the dog.

If he stands quietly and correctly, reward this. As the training progresses, you can then incorporate a word and sight signal. Then resolve the exercise before starting a new repetition. The goal is to get your dog to stand still and align and balance himself in the position of his paws on his own. In the beginning, only hold your dog in the position for a short time – for a few seconds – before you release it.

As a support, it helps many dogs to stand on a low, sufficiently large, solid elevation that provides a spatial boundary. Alternatively, you can simply place a boundary in front of his front paws that will prevent him from proceeding.

Stand training for dogs always makes sense!

By the way, the conscious training of standing is also a good exercise for healthy dogs that stand neatly, as it continuously trains and maintains healthy and correct movements and position of the body in space.

I hope you enjoy trying out the exercise! You have questions? Then feel free to email me and we can exchange ideas(

All love,

your Tina

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