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Joint diseases in dogs – 5 tips that will help him immediately

Gelenkerkrankungen beim Hund - 5 Tipps, die sofort helfen

Our four-legged friends sometimes struggle a lot with joint diseases

Especially when the weather is wet and cold or the air is humid, joint diseases cause severe discomfort. Our four-legged friends show that their joints hurt. Many dogs nibble or lick the joints. Sometimes they are lame and reluctant to move. To help you better support your dog in everyday life, I’ll tell you 5 tips. With them, you simply provide your dog with relief.

Here’s what you can do for joint disease:

  • A dog coat will keep your dog warm and dry in cold and wet weather. The back, shoulder and hip are well protected. This way, your dog’s muscles won’t tense up unnecessarily. He will move more easily and joyfully. This is not about the latest fashionable craze, but a purposeful use of a dog coat. There are now a plethora of suppliers offering dog coats made from high quality materials. Also in subtle colors.
  • A
    warm, nicely padded sleeping place
    protects the joints of your dog. The sleeping place should be large enough for him to stretch out completely. The crib should ideally be in a warm and draft-free place. Good insulation keeps out floor cold. Your dog should not lie on cold floors with joint diseases. Many dogs seek warmth on their own. For example, they love to lie by the fireplace.

These points are also important:

  • If your dog got wet on the walk, dry him off really well until he is really dry. Dogs with long leg hangings, you can blow dry the fur a little. Otherwise, the moisture literally creeps into the joints. This causes pain in the joints. They result in a relieving posture and thus a tense musculature.
  • A well-padded and insulating pad in the car will absorb shock and keep your dog nice and warm in cooler temperatures. There are really great underlays that are not susceptible to staining and are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Warmth is good for the body and soul

  • The weather is wet and cold again and you got really wet on your walk? Then warm up your dog after the walk with a soothing hot water bottle or a cherry pit cushion . This way you warm up his joints and muscles and prevent tension from the cold.

Small things, big effects

They are small and simple things that do not require a lot of effort. With them, you will make your dog’s life so much easier and more comfortable with joint disease. And giving your dog a hot water bottle after a walk in the rain, for example, can become a wonderful ritual that you and your dog will love!

PS: My Snowy loves, especially in the cooler months, to be covered up at night and have it nice and cozy under the blanket.

What things are especially good for your dog with joint disease? How do you get through the cold and wet season?
Let me know in your comment, or send me a message!
I look forward to your suggestions!

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