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How to get your senior dog through the winter well – My heart barks issue #22

So kommt dein Seniorhund gut durch den Winter - inklusive Übungsanleitungen

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You have a senior dog? The cold and wet season is especially hard on our older four-legged friends. The cold is getting into their bones and they don’t have as much to offer against the adverse weather conditions.

Their metabolism functions more slowly, they cool down faster – and therefore freeze faster – and take longer to warm up again. Often in these months, the joints are particularly stiff and movements are even more difficult than usual. Our dogs struggle with this more than we think – even if they don’t always show it obviously right away.

What can you do?

But there are ways you can support a senior dog in particular during the cold season and make life easier for them. I have put together some ideas for you to support your older dog during the cold season.

Of course, all the measures presented also make sense for any other dog – especially those suffering from joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or spondylosis.

How you can best support your four-legged friend, you will learn in my article in the issue #22 of My heart barks:




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