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Amputation: happily through life on 3 legs!

Amputation beim Hund - Mein Herz bellt: Auf drei Beinen glücklich durchs Leben nach der Amputation

Three-legged dogs and life after amputation

Most of us have encountered them more often: Dogs on three legs after an amputation. Even have a three-legged dog yourself or thinking about adopting one? Great! A life on three paws is no worse than one on four paws! Dog amputation

A dog wants to be a dog – even after an amputation

But when a dog runs through its life on three legs, it is first and foremost one thing: a dog. With all its needs. That means he wants to run, romp, play, accompany you on all your ways. In short, he wants to do everything that dogs enjoy. And that works. If a dog has had a leg amputated, it will definitely need some time to get used to the new circumstances. But most dogs come to terms very well and quickly with the new situation and the new feeling of walking. And with a little help with one thing or another from their human, many things work out even easier!

What happens after an amputation in a dog?

A dog’s body image changes completely as body weight is redistributed. If the dog is missing a front or hind leg, the leg next to it takes on much of the load and carries the weight that both legs previously carried. It makes a difference whether a front leg or a back leg was amputated. The front legs carry the greater part of the body weight and provide stability. If one barrel is missing, this means that the remaining barrel must take on additional weight. The hind legs also take on some of the load. Their job, in a healthy dog, is to put horsepower on the road. That is, they give the thrust, which is given forward through the spine. This sets the dog in motion. Because dogs are “rear-wheelers”.

What does it look like after an amputation of the hind leg?

Conversely, if your dog is missing a hind leg, the remaining hind leg must provide the power to push forward. In addition to the remaining hind leg, the front legs also support this process. For them, too, this additional task is an extra burden in addition to carrying the body weight and giving stability.

So what are the consequences and implications for the dog’s body?

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