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This turns the walk into an experience including an exercise session

Spaziergang mit Hund - so wird er zum Erlebnis inklusive Übungseinheit

Your walk has become much shorter? Your dog wants to go home right away?

Walking and regular exercise are also important for dogs with musculoskeletal disorders. This is the only way to prevent your dog from losing muscle and limiting mobility. The cardiovascular system also needs exercise. The only exception is: your dog has been prescribed strict rest.

So what can you do now if your dog is just plodding along listlessly behind you?

It’s not about you and your dog covering as much distance as possible. Because your dog is terribly bored of walking the same route, the same trees with the same smells every day. After all, we don’t read the same newspaper every day. It’s all about fun and excitement, variety and joy! Joie de vivre! You can also experience this on short distances! Pack your dog in the car and drive to places where he liked to run before. Drive to the lake walk in the forest run across fields. Let him notice these wonderful smells and let him hold his nose to the wind!

The exercise unit for your dog in the forest and in the field

In the forest, you can let your dog climb over branches or walk around tree stumps. This way you do something for his mobility. The different surfaces in the forest and also in the field are a good balance and coordination training. So a short, exciting excursion turns into a little physio session at the same time!

Social contacts are important – even during a walk

Let him meet his dog friends. It doesn’t have to be boisterous play, but your dog will enjoy contact. Because sniffing dog friends and being in canine company will do your dog good and motivate him.

You don’t always have time to take your dog to a nice and exciting place by car?

It is not always possible to avoid running the same lap several times in a row. That is no reason to do this walk as a compulsory exercise. You can also make these walks exciting with little effort. Does your dog have a favorite toy? Take it with you, hide it and let him look for it. Hide treats in the grass, under leaves or small branches and let him look for them. So he has a sense of achievement, excitement and is mentally challenged! Even for your “everyday” rounds, there are exercises that will not only challenge your dog mentally, but you will also be doing something for your dog’s agility. Let him sit down in between, give paw, lie down and stand up again. You have bollards on your walk? Let your dog walk around them. Curbs or other elevations? Great! You can take your dog down and back up alternately. These exercises are good for flexibility and coordination.

All of this can happen very slowly and at your dog’s pace, and always in a healthy dosage as well. It’s not about speed and perfection. It’s all about fun, excitement, variety and movement.

By the way, for a pain-ridden dog with arthrosis, a soft, elastic surface like in the forest is much more pleasant than hard, rigid asphalt.

You see, there are no limits to your imagination on your walk! And your dog will have great fun with the variety.

Now it’s your turn: you have more ideas how to make your walks exciting and motivate your dog? Share them with me! I am totally excited!

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