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The more movement, the better – run until your paws glow?!

Wie viel Bewegung braucht dein Hund? Ich verrate dir wichtige Anhaltspunkte, mit denen du einschätzt, ob die tägliche Bewegung deines Hundes optimal ist.

How much exercise does your dog need? How much exercise dog

A good question that is often discussed and opinions vary widely. There is no single answer to the question. And no golden rule about how much your dog can move. Because every dog is different. But there are important clues you can use to assess whether your dog’s daily exercise is optimal. And these points I tell you in this article.

I’ll say it right away: quality before quantity!

What matters is not the amount of time your dog is moved, but how varied you make that time. It does your dog no good and will bore him beyond belief to get 3 hours of exercise every day, but to always walk the same route with you in return. Even for us humans, a route that we walk every day is no longer exciting. It is a compulsory program rather than a joy. Much more exciting are different routes and different impressions. Changing surfaces such as field and forest soil, sand and meadows ensure that your dog consciously chooses and perceives his steps. This way you do something for coordination and balance at the same time. And the different smells will fascinate him. They motivate him and give him great pleasure to be on the road with you. Depending on your dog’s fitness, you can also incorporate short changes of pace into the walk. Running on the bike or jogging also gives great pleasure to many dogs. Always consider your dog’s fitness, breed and size. Read my articles on cycling with a dog and jogging with a dog to get everything right from the start. How much exercise dog

Size and build of your dog determine the movement

Our dogs were bred for different tasks and therefore have sometimes very differently developed body characteristics. Therefore, body type and size are two factors in your dog’s movement that should not be underestimated. No, a small stocky Bulldog does not have the same need for exercise as a Greyhound! There are breeds, which are already made by the physique for much and extensive movement. The physique is rather slender, the legs long, slender and very muscular. These include, for example, retrievers. Molossian dogs and those with compact build, stocky little legs are not born endurance runners. Their movements are slower, more sluggish and less effective. Even small dogs have four legs, which they can excellently use for their locomotion. Say also they need exercise and walks and do not belong in the handbag! Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to the physique here. Short, stocky, bow-legged runs like the Dachshund are not made for long distances. How much exercise dog

Age of your dog: How much exercise dog

As your dog gets older, the desire to move will diminish over time and the pace will slow down. It’s important that you keep him mobile without overworking him. This means that several shorter walks are better for him. This keeps his cardiovascular system fit. His joints remain mobile and the musculature stable. You can also make short walks exciting and do a lot for your senior’s fitness!

Diseases and fitness level of your dog

Does he have musculoskeletal or cardiovascular diseases? Is he in pain or does your dog have very little muscle? It is important to then take several short walks with him. Your dog shouldn’t have to walk in pain and shouldn’t overexert himself. This only leads to lameness, aggravation of the disease, damage to the joints and reluctance to move. Shorter laps don’t challenge him as much physically, he tires less and the recovery period is shorter.

Character and breed traits

Last but not least, character and breed also have an influence on how active your dog is. You should not assume that every retriever has a high urge to exercise, and every Saint Bernard is content with little exercise. There are them, the pointers, who are very frugal and cozy, and there are also stocky, small bulldogs, who love to run for their lives. You should then also get involved in this.

The temperatures how much movement dog

I have no tolerance when it comes to “exercise” at very high temperatures. Our dogs can handle heat just as badly as we can. Therefore, the walks should be significantly shortened, preferring to take place in the early morning or late evening. How much exercise dog

At the right moment a time out How much exercise dog

Most dogs do not know their own boundaries. Especially very active dogs who love to run and work accompany their humans far beyond their own physical limits. So the boundaries have to be set by you. You are the one who controls the amount of movement and “prescribes” rest breaks at the right moment. Do you have questions about the post or a topic request? Then feel free to write me a comment or a message!



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