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Tag: Water rod

Swimming in dogs – is it really healthy for every dog?

Many dog people think it is a great activity for any dog to be able to swim in the summer. It is refreshing and after ...
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The dog rod – much more than a mood barometer

We associate the dog’s tail primarily with one of our dogs’ many “means of communication.” Depending on the mood and situation, the rod is used ...
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The dog in summer – swimming, exercise & employment – Summer Best Of

We are already in the middle of the vacation season and there are of course again great activities with our dogs on the program. Maybe ...
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Water rod in dogs – that’s why not only dogs that swim get sick

Canine water boarding is still a very under-researched disease. It got its name from the fact that it often affects dogs that have been swimming ...
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Water rod in dogs – extremely painful disease

Especially in the summer it often occurs: the water rod in dogs. This is a very little researched disease in dogs, which is very painful. ...
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