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3 Stretching exercises for your dog – perfect also for the warm up

Stretching exercises in dogs are not only useful in dog sports for warming up and form an important part of the warm up. At the ...
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Improve gait in dogs with step training

When dogs show abnormalities in gait, it is often difficult and lengthy to improve these non-physiological movements. Particularly after operations or chronic diseases such as ...
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This is how you as a dog owner can specifically support your dog after a torn ligament!

When a dog suffers a torn ligament, the question often arises as to what can be actively done as a dog owner to support the ...
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Why performance pressure is out of place in exercise & fitness training for dogs

Recently, exercise training and dog fitness are experiencing a real hype. Basically, I am of course pleased that dog owners are concerned with the health ...
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Fitness training for dogs – why balance pads & co. should not be used for fun

Fitness training in dogs is always inevitably associated with balance pads and balance boards in all colors and sizes. But why actually?! I thought long ...
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The walk as a training unit for your dog – “Trimm-Dich” for four-legged friends

You want to make the walk with your dog not only exciting, but also at the same time have the opportunity to do something for ...
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Fitness training for dogs – much more than daredevil tricks.

Fitness training for dogs is becoming more and more popular. More and more often on the Internet circulate videos of dogs that have mastered the ...
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Mini workout – 3 simple exercises to keep your dog fit even in the heat

The high temperatures are also very hard on our four-legged friends. The walks are often shorter. But you can still make sure your dog stays ...
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