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Changes in the musculoskeletal system of the dog in old age: a holistic approach

As dogs age, they, like humans, experience changes in their musculoskeletal system. These age-related changes happen very individually in terms of the pace of change ...
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Dein Hund wird älter und wird ruhiger? Ich gebe dir wertvolle Tipps für gemeinsame Aktivitäten mit deinem Hundesenior.

Slow down – activities with the dog senior – when interests and needs change

Dog senior Dog senior – From power package to connoisseur Their interests are also changing. This is something that is completely normal and we as ...
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Pain memory in dogs – why it is so dangerous and how to treat it.

Pain in itself is unpleasant, but it has an important function in the dog’s body – and of course in the human body as well. ...
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Vestibular syndrome – a reason to euthanize your dog?

Basically, it can affect any dog, but especially older dogs are affected by vestibular syndrome. From one moment to the next – usually overnight, they ...
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That’s how harmful it is to really “exercise” your dog on a regular basis

Dogs need to be exercised – so really, right? It’s been a big trend in recent years for dogs to (need to) be “exercised” on ...
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Tessa is getting older – and she doesn’t care! – Dog aging process

What Tessa’s aging process changes for her & me old dog I have already written some professional articles on this blog about old dogs or ...
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Swimming with a dog – these 10 points you should consider!

Swimming with dog is a popular activity in the hot summer months. Many dogs love to swim and frolic in the cool water. A welcome ...
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Senior-friendly exercise – THIS is what you should definitely consider!

It feels like from one day to the next your dog lets himself fall back during the walk. One or the other movement becomes more ...
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