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Tag: Dog pain

Your dog doesn’t want to jump anymore? – these are possible causes

If your dog (suddenly) doesn’t want to jump anymore, there are several reasons. One may be that he just doesn’t want it. However, it is ...
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4 medicinal plants for joint pain in dogs: natural support for better mobility and less pain

In the course of their lives, many dogs develop joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or spondylosis. It is important that we support and ...
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Lameness on the forehand in the dog – these are the possible causes

When a dog is lame in the forehand, our first thought is that joint disease in the foreleg is the cause. This is by no ...
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Pain memory in dogs – why it is so dangerous and how to treat it.

Pain in itself is unpleasant, but it has an important function in the dog’s body – and of course in the human body as well. ...
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Your dog does not play anymore? Pain can be the cause!

Pain in general and also joint pain in dogs is a topic that dog owners are becoming more and more aware of and take seriously. ...
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Does your dog shake normally? So right from the front to the back?

Maybe you have never really consciously asked yourself this question and therefore never consciously looked at how your dog shakes. At first it sounds very ...
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Avoid surgery in dogs with dog physiotherapy – is it possible?

In general, surgery in a dog is always a procedure that is more or less invasive and involves various risks. Keyword anesthesia risk. Surgery cannot ...
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Sprain in the dog – what to do?

Especially dog people with active dogs know this all too well: your dog is running wildly across the meadow with another dog and then suddenly ...
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Spinal cord infarction in dogs – how to help them with physiotherapy

The last blog post was already about spinal cord infarction in dogs and its development as well as symptoms. In this article you will get ...
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Relieve pain in dogs with hot packs, red light & Co.

Relieving pain in dogs is a big topic. But sometimes you can also prevent the administration of painkillers – and if so, how?! Absolutely! With ...
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Old dog – 7 things with which you support him in everyday life

We dog people all have to deal with the subject of “old dogs” sooner or later. It’s not always easy to see that our four-legged ...
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