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Tag: Dog fitness training

How do you find the right fitness exercises for your dog? – this is what you should pay attention to

Again and again I am contacted by dog owners who are looking for fitness exercises for their dog. A wide variety of training tools such ...
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Exercise training for osteoarthritis in dogs – these 3 active exercises promote joint mobility and strengthen the muscles

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs. The joints that bear most of the body’s weight are often affected. These include ...
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Cavaletti training for dogs – how it works and what it brings to your dog

Cavaletti training for dogs – it exists? I still get a lot of wide-eyed looks when I tell dog people about cavaletti training and how ...
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Physiotherapeutic Dog Fitness Training: A holistic approach to promoting your dog’s health and well-being.

If we want our dogs to be as mobile as possible throughout their lives, then walks alone are not enough. Various factors have an influence ...
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Weight bandages for dogs in dog fitness training – useful or dangerous?

Weight bandages for dogs, which are used in dog fitness training, are becoming increasingly popular. However, the use of weight bandages in dogs should be ...
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Dog fitness – challenge dogs in a healthy way without overtaxing them

Dog fitness training is becoming more and more popular. Not without reason. It’s a great way for dog people to actively do something for their ...
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HAPPYFIT 2.0 Dog Fitness – free 6 day training plan and exercise instructions for your dog!

The topic of dog fitness and exercise training is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. I have been passionate about it for a number of ...
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Dog fitness training vs. trick training – what are the differences?

Lately I have been asked more often where the difference is between dog fitness training or exercise training and trick training. Basically, the two don’t ...
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The walk as a training unit for your dog – “Trimm-Dich” for four-legged friends

You want to make the walk with your dog not only exciting, but also at the same time have the opportunity to do something for ...
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