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The dog’s knee joint – why it’s particularly prone to joint problems & how you can strengthen it as a dog owner

The dog’s knee joint is probably the most complex joint in the dog. In addition, along with the elbow and hip joints, it is one ...
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The top 5 causes of cruciate ligament rupture in dogs

Why do so many dogs actually suffer a cruciate ligament rupture? What are the causes of this? And how to avoid it? These are questions ...
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Your dog can not sit properly? – What the sitting position says about the musculoskeletal system of your dog

When it comes to the diagnosis of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the gait of the dog is usually looked at. Rarely is there a ...
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Avoid surgery in dogs with dog physiotherapy – is it possible?

In general, surgery in a dog is always a procedure that is more or less invasive and involves various risks. Keyword anesthesia risk. Surgery cannot ...
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Cruciate ligament rupture in dogs – causes and consequences

The cruciate ligament rupture in dogs – feared by many dog people, because it occurs so unpredictably. Therefore, this blog article is mainly about the ...
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Cruciate ligament rupture in dogs – the main symptoms

Cruciate ligament rupture in dogs is a common joint disease. It is usually the anterior cruciate ligament that tears. For a cruciate ligament tear to ...
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