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Tag: Cauda Equina

Your dog doesn’t want to jump anymore? – these are possible causes

If your dog (suddenly) doesn’t want to jump anymore, there are several reasons. One may be that he just doesn’t want it. However, it is ...
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Strengthen the nerve function in dogs – this is how!

When dogs suffer from back disorders, such as a herniated disc, cauda equina compression syndrome, spondylosis, nerve function is often disrupted. The cause here is ...
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Neurological problems in dogs – this is how you promote nerve conduction with stroking out the spaces between the toes

A whole range of back diseases also bring neurological problems at the same time. Common conditions closely associated with neurological problems typically include herniated discs, ...
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Dog massage made easy with the massage glove – instructions for dog owners

Many dog owners are very interested in the subject of dog massage. But they don’t always want to venture into real massages. You don’t always ...
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Slipped vertebrae in dogs – spondylosisthesis – all the facts about the disease

A slipped vertebra in a dog is an unnaturally mobile vertebra in the back that leaves its normal position within the spine, causing discomfort. One ...
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How to move your dog properly after a herniated disc!

When a dog has suffered a herniated disc, the first thing you think is that he needs everything at that moment, but no movement. But ...
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You should know these top 19 symptoms of cauda equina compression syndrome!

Cauda equina compression syndrome (CECS for short ) is particularly common in German shepherds, boxers and Rottweilers. But beware: theoretically, any dog can be affected! ...
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Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome – what it means for your dog

Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome in Dogs The term Cauda Equina Compression Syndrome (CECS for short) comes up frequently among dog owners. But what does it ...
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