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Tag: active exercises

3 Stretching exercises for your dog – perfect also for the warm up

Stretching exercises in dogs are not only useful in dog sports for warming up and form an important part of the warm up. At the ...
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Movement training for young dogs – 2 active exercises for a good body feeling and coordination

When a young dog moves in, as a dog owner you delight in his clumsy and often awkward movements as he explores the world step ...
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Exercise training for osteoarthritis in dogs – these 3 active exercises promote joint mobility and strengthen the muscles

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases in dogs. The joints that bear most of the body’s weight are often affected. These include ...
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The right substrate in exercise and fitness training for dogs – why it is so important!

Actually, I never really planned to take up this topic in a blog post. But it’s actually still pretty common that I see a lot ...
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Exercise training for hip dysplasia and hip osteoarthritis in dogs – with these 2 exercises you specifically strengthen the hip & hindquarters of your dog

After recently presenting two active exercises that youcan use ifyour dog has back problems, in this article I present two active exercises from movement training ...
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Isometric training to reduce stress – mastering stressful situations

Isometric training looks very unspectacular at first glance. However, the effect on the dog is great in every respect. Isometric training is physically and mentally ...
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Fitness training for dogs – why balance pads & co. should not be used for fun

Fitness training in dogs is always inevitably associated with balance pads and balance boards in all colors and sizes. But why actually?! I thought long ...
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HAPPYFIT – active exercise training for your dog’s fitness – incl. Training Plan!

You would like to start active movement training with your dog and are looking for exercises for your dog? With active movement exercises you offer ...
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