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Paw shoes – these are the possible uses for dogs and what you should consider when choosing them

Paw shoes are not only becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the constant further development, the possible applications are now also really diverse. On the one hand, paw shoes or paw protection shoes are used for rescue dogs that are often on dangerous surfaces such as sharp stones, broken glass, hot asphalt, etc.. The same applies to service and sporting dogs. Here the aim is to protect the paws of dogs from injury.

However, paw shoes are also used as orthopedic aids and are worked differently depending on the area of application.

Paw shoes for dog seniors and for neurological diseases

Senior dogs and dogs with neurological diseases that result in hyperkinesis, paralysis, paresis or plegia especially struggle with smooth surfaces such as tile or parquet. Paw shoes offer on the one hand significantly more grip especially on slippery surfaces. On the other hand, the paws and claws are protected. Otherwise, chafing of the paws and abraded claws often occur, which is extremely painful for our dogs.

Shock absorbing effect

Especially with conditions such as painful toe joint arthrosis, every step often hurts. Paw protection shoes with special silicone inserts provide a shock-absorbing effect and thus also enable a more painless locomotion.

Improvement of the gait pattern with paw shoes

Malpositions, pain and especially joint diseases and ligament weaknesses in the paw and toe joints lead to a non-physiological gait pattern. Paw shoes can promote normalization of the gait pattern and thus improved use of the muscles.

Leg length compensation

Leg length discrepancies can occur due to malformations, poorly healed fractures or growth disorders. These lead to an altered gait pattern and, as a consequence, also to incorrect and excessive stresses. Paw shoes offer the possibility of compensating for leg length differences and helping the dog to move normally.

You see, there are many uses for paw shoes.

But how to choose the right paw protection shoes?

There are now paw shoes that are used more indoors. They have less thick soles and are lighter. And there are those that are designed for outdoor use. They have thicker soles and more tread and are still a bit more robust overall.

Furthermore, it is very important that you pay attention to a good fit of the paw shoe. It should not be too big and slip, nor too small and constrict. Both would make it even more difficult for your dog to get around. The material is also important. Basically, paw protection shoes should be made of breathable materials and be washable. For outdoor use, they should possibly keep moisture away.

Have you ever used paw pads on your dog? Feel free to share your experience with me in the comments.

All the love, your Tina


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