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5 ingenious exercises – so your dog comes fit through the summer

Mit meinem gezielten Sommer-Workout stellst du sicher, dass dein Hund super in Form bleibt, auch wenn die Spaziergänge mal kürzer ausfallen.

Summer, Sun, Sunshine…. Summer dog

Summer is sometimes a curse and a blessing at the same time. Temperatures are soaring, the air is oppressive and the best way to get through the day is with little exercise and in a shady spot. Our four-legged friends are no different. Especially if our dogs are already a little older or in poor health, activity in the summer is much more difficult. Even for our short-nosed four-legged friends like pugs and bulldogs, exercise in the heat quickly becomes a high effort. In short, even if we move our walks to the early morning or late evening hours: usually the walks are much shorter. And that’s no drama at all. Summer dog

But how do we make sure our dogs stay all-around fit in the summer?

With this little workout I’ll give you some inspiration on how to keep your dog super in shape, even if the walks are sometimes shorter. You can do the workout several times a week or even daily. With these exercises you keep your dog fit and agile. You train strength, musculature, joint mobility and coordination. AND: you also have a lot of fun together!

The exercises are designed so that you can do them in the comfort of your own home and you don’t need any equipment. You should perform all exercises on a level, non-slip surface so that your dog can stand safely and concentrate on the exercises. Summer dog

1. everyday exercises as a whole body workout: summer dog

Most dogs master these exercises from their basic training. We use it for your dog’s fitness. They are a great workout to tone the entire body! The entire musculature is strengthened, joint mobility is increased and coordination is also improved:

  • Move your dog from stand to sit. Then from sit to down and then let him go from down to stand again – without him going to sit first. You repeat this several times – in the beginning I recommend you start with 2 passes.
2. “Give Five!” -give paw

With the paw giving you train the mobility and the musculature of the front legs. At the same time, your dog needs to balance:

  • Have them give you the two front paws alternately. Vary in height, all the way up to a high five! Repeat the exercise three times per front leg at the beginning.
3. slalom through the legs:

You train the flexibility of the back, a good body feeling, an even load of all four runs and the musculature.

  • You should stand securely, spreading your legs far enough apart so that your dog can fit comfortably between them. Let your dog slowly run figure eights through your legs. The slower it moves, the greater the training effect! In the beginning, you can lead him with a treat. Remember to run it both ways. Start with 3 repetitions.
4. lift paws:

You strengthen the muscles of the runs and train your dog’s coordination. The exercise looks simple, but it is exhausting and the training effect is high.

  • Squat down next to your dog. Then grab a front leg (above the paw), lift slightly for about 3 seconds, and set it back down. Then switch to the next front leg. You do the same on the hind legs. Just like you do when you dry your dog’s paws. Repeat the exercise twice per paw at the beginning.
5. cavaletti over the legs:

Cavaletti training is a very effective exercise. Your dog must specifically lift his feet and thus train his coordination and balance. At the same time, he trains his musculature and a steady flow of movement.

  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out and apart. Now slowly lead your dog back and forth over your legs. Start with 3 repetitions.

You should refrain from summer training if your dog: summer dog

  • Has pain.
  • suffers from fever, inflammation or infection.
  • has an unstable or stiffened joint.

Always take into account how your dog is doing during training. Like us humans, our dogs are not in the same good mood and performance every day. Adjust training or pause if you feel your dog is under the weather or exhausted. Summer dog

Want to do more and train in a structured way tailored to your dog’s needs? Then check out my online self-paced exercise training courses!


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