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You want to buy a dog coat? – this is what you should pay attention to

Du möchtest einen Hundemantel kaufen, bist aber unsicher, was es dabei zu beachten gibt? Hier erfährst du, was du beachten solltest!

In the article “Dog coat – for which dogs it is indispensable” you have already learned why and when a dog coat is important and helpful for a dog. The choice of dog coats is becoming more and more. It is difficult, especially as a layman, to recognize which dog coat is good and which is less suitable. Most dog owners first look at the appearance and only at second glance they deal with cut and material.

But the appearance is not everything in the dog coat

Unfortunately, the smartest design is useless if the essential areas of the body are not well protected and the dog still freezes. Or the cut is so awkward for your dog that it inhibits his movement. There is then a great danger that he will not accept the coat because he does not feel comfortable.

Buy dog coat, you should pay attention:

Therefore, I have summarized for you what aspects you should definitely pay attention to when buying the dog coat.

  • Functionality is the most important point when choosing a dog coat. There are various materials that keep out the rain and wind and withstand bad weather.
  • The chosen materials should be weatherproof on the one hand but also breathable on the other.
  • Inside, it is pleasant for the dog if the lining of the coat is soft and cozy.
  • It is important that the dog coat is washable. In rain, snow and mud, it is hard to avoid dirt splashing on the coat.
  • The coat should fit your dog perfectly. If it is too large, it slips and becomes permeable to moisture, cold and wind. If it’s too small, it will cut in and your dog won’t be able to move well. Sometimes a coat that is too small can pinch and hurt. So your dog may be averse to the coat.
  • If the coat is too short at the back, it will not be well protected and kept warm. Often coats then also stand out at the rear and provide space for cold and wet.
  • Often forgotten, but equally important: the belly should also be kept nice and warm. It is very sensitive to cold, because on the belly the fur is thinner and some dogs have a bare belly. Many coats are unfortunately still cut in such a way that the belly is completely free and without protection. As a result, your dog will freeze. He pulls in his stomach and tenses up, which causes tension, especially in the back.
  • Since there are so many different body shapes in dogs, more and more suppliers are found that offer custom-made products. This ensures an optimal fit and your dog’s physical requirements can be met. Snowy, for example, has received a coat that even goes over her knees, as these are one of her biggest “construction sites”. So she is now well protected and wind and weather can not hurt her so.

PS: By the way, a friend of bad weather she is still not…. J

What are your experiences with dog coat? Does your dog wear a coat as a protection dog in winter? If so, what are your reasons and what did you focus on in the selection process?

All the love, your Tina


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