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How good dog training is built and why it’s important that your dog is doing well in the process! – Guest article by Anne Bucher

In many of my blog articles I have already looked at the topic of pain from different angles. It is a broad subject area and ...
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Disabled dog – Essential tips for living with handicap dog

A disabled dog is still often looked at critically and asked whether life is worth living at all. Very often I had to face this ...
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Chatting out of the sewing box – my way to the dog physio

I was not born a dog physio. Phew, so now it’s out. 😉 “What does the dog as a vocation mean to you?” I asked ...
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Pain in the dog – When the dog does not sit and training is of no use – Guest article Bothshunde

Pain in dogs is big topic. Dogs show that they are in pain in different ways. Behavior can also show that a dog is in ...
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Fitness training for dogs – much more than daredevil tricks.

Fitness training for dogs is becoming more and more popular. More and more often on the Internet circulate videos of dogs that have mastered the ...
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