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Tag: Sprain

Comfrey wrap – gentle help from nature for joint problems & pain

Already the name comfrey tells us its main effect. Traditionally, it was used for bone fractures. Originally comfrey comes from Eastern Europe and Asia. However, ...
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Sprain in the dog – what to do?

Especially dog people with active dogs know this all too well: your dog is running wildly across the meadow with another dog and then suddenly ...
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Dog sprain – how to recognize it and what you can do

A sprain in a dog can happen quickly. Most dog owners will be familiar with the scenario: just now the four-legged friend is romping wildly ...
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Quarkwickel with the dog – fast emergency helper with pain and Co.

When I ask dog owners if they know curd wraps, most of them say “yeah sure”. As a rule, however, they have not thought about ...
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