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Tag: Isometric training

Relaxed Christmas days for your dog – feel-good moments with massage & Co.

Christmas days often mean hustle and bustle and excitement for our dogs. Many things are different, you get a visitor or visit the family. This ...
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Isometric training to reduce stress – mastering stressful situations

Isometric training looks very unspectacular at first glance. However, the effect on the dog is great in every respect. Isometric training is physically and mentally ...
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Movement of puppies & young dogs – exercise ideas for balance & coordination & which movements are taboo!

The last article was already about how much a puppy or young dog may and should be moved. In this article, I want to give ...
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Muscle training dog: Isometric training of the front legs & shoulders

Isometric exercises are often considered rather boring and often fall behind in exercise training for dogs. Especially in times when people are told that exercise ...
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Guest article: Isometric training in dog training and behavioral training respectively

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of isometric exercises and always see the close interaction ...
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HAPPYFIT – active exercise training for your dog’s fitness – incl. Training Plan!

You would like to start active movement training with your dog and are looking for exercises for your dog? With active movement exercises you offer ...
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Muscle building dog: isometric training for hind legs and back

Muscle Building Dog Muscle Building Dog Muscle Building Dog Muscle Building Dog Isometric training is often underestimated by dog owners in exercise therapy and also ...
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Mini workout – 3 simple exercises to keep your dog fit even in the heat

The high temperatures are also very hard on our four-legged friends. The walks are often shorter. But you can still make sure your dog stays ...
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