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Tag: Arthritis

Comfrey wrap – gentle help from nature for joint problems & pain

Already the name comfrey tells us its main effect. Traditionally, it was used for bone fractures. Originally comfrey comes from Eastern Europe and Asia. However, ...
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Ginger for dogs – help with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia & Co.

In humans, ginger has long been known to be healthy and healing. But what about the dog. Can you also give ginger to the dog? ...
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Arthritis in dogs – diagnosis, treatment & behavior tips

The last blog post was already about arthritis in dogs. You have learned all about the clinical picture and the different forms of arthritis, the ...
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Arthritis in dogs – causes, symptoms and consequences

Arthritis in dogs is an inflammatory joint disease. It differs from osteoarthritis in that osteoarthritis is a wear and tear of the joint and therefore ...
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