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How to train your dog’s condition and what to look out for

In the last article, we already talked about why conditioning is good for your dog. But what is actually to consider in a good condition training and how to build up condition in the dog sensibly?

These are the points you should keep in mind when condition training: Condition dog

  • Before you start training, you should have your veterinarian check whether your cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system are strong enough for fitness training. You should also take a look at your dog’s weight. If you are overweight, training must be approached with particular care, as joints and cardiovascular system are especially challenged and may be overly stressed. Here, a particularly gentle training structure combined with nutritional adaptation, etc. is necessary. Condition dog
  • Especially in the warm summer months, be sure to do your workout in the early morning or evening hours. Otherwise, you risk your dog’s circulatory collapse or heat stroke. Like us humans, our four-legged friends struggle with exertion when temperatures are high. Additionally, the heated floor risks burning your dog’s paws.
  • Your dog should not have eaten anything for about 2 hours before the training. Exercising on a full stomach is not good and the risk of gastric distention lurks.
  • Give your four-legged friend a chance to loosen up on a short walk before training.
  • Warm Up: Warm up your dog with some active exercises before the conditioning workout. This prepares the cardiovascular system and joints for the upcoming load and prevents injuries.
  • Cool Down: be sure to take the time to cool down after your conditioning workout to help your dog recover quickly.

These points are also important:

  • Give your dog breaks. Especially at the beginning you should plan enough phases for regeneration. Alternate training periods with relaxed periods where he can walk loosely at a walk or free and sniff.
  • Your dog should have the opportunity to drink during training. Carry water with you so he can refresh himself during breaks.
  • Make sure you have the right surface for your workout. The floor should be neither too hard nor too yielding. Avoid asphalt as well as sandy soil. Soft forest floor is ideal for your training, because it gently bounces.
  • Build the workout slowly and deliberately. Don’t overwork your dog. Start with a few minutes and slowly increase the training phases. Your dog should never be exhausted after training.

How to train the condition of the dog?

For fitness training, it is important to exercise evenly and in a way that is easy on the joints.

For this purpose is suitable, for example:

Jogging condition dog

You can go jogging with your dog. He should be able to walk beside you at a light trot. By the way, so that you don’t have to hold the leash in your hand while jogging, there are special jogging belts. Condition dog

Wheel trotting

Your four-legged friend can also accompany you when cycling. Let him run alongside the wheel at a relaxed trot. Make sure you have familiarized your dog with running on the bike beforehand!

Swimming and treading water

The advantage of training in the water is that your dog is very easy on the joints. Because in the water the joints are relieved to the maximum. At the same time, the training effect is very high due to the water resistance. But of course also the effort!


Condition Condition Condition Condition Condition Condition

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