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How to get your dog through the winter without complaints

You want your four-legged friend to be free of complaints even in winter?

In my latest article for the 18th edition of “My heart barks” it’s all about the cold season, which accompanies us for what feels like endless months – and how your dog lives through it without complaints.

Sometimes with beautiful autumn days with colorful leaves and clear winter days with blue skies and dry cold. Many days are characterized by rain, wetness, fog – in short: wet and cold air. Even though the fall and winter months have their charms, it’s time to adjust our dogs’ lives. Because it’s not just us people with joint disease who are struggling.

Our four-legged friends are no different!

Especially with our seniors and dogs with joint diseases, you can see how much they struggle with wet and cold weather and wind. The moisture literally creeps into the joints, the dogs move reluctantly and often very stiff-legged. The result is pain and that our four-legged friends “rust”. The joy of movement and activity decreases noticeably. Arthrosis, spondylosis and co. then make themselves felt with full force.

What can you do to keep your four-legged friend as symptom-free as possible?

Therefore, I have compiled in this article some things that are good for your four-legged friend in the cold season – no matter whether he is older, suffers from diseases or happy and cheerful romping through life! Because your fit dog will also be happy about the extra attention and “wellness”.

It doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money – on the contrary, it’s often the simple things that help so wonderfully and increase the well-being of your four-legged friend.

With these simple things you can do something good for your dog in the wet and cold season:

My new article has been published at MEIN HERZ BELLT: Fit through the winter

PS: And if you combine this with active movement exercises, you’ll get through the winter with as few complaints as possible and spring will be just around the corner!


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