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You want to actively do something for the health of your dog?

Online courses dog fitness

Improve your dog's health with Doggy Fitness dog fitness online classes.

In my online courses on physiotherapeutic dog fitness training you will learn to support your dog according to his needs – preventively, in case of joint and back diseases and in old age.

Agile courses

AGIL Online courses to support joint and back disorders and for senior dogs.

In my AGIL online courses you will learn how to support your dog naturally, gently and sustainably with joint and back diseases as well as in old age, e.g. with wraps, heat therapy and medicinal plants that relieve pain and nourish the joints.

Massage & Wellness

Online courses massage for the dog

Here you will learn how to massage your dog and get comprehensive knowledge about massage in dogs and detailed video instructions on the individual massage strokes.

Senior dog courses

The Doggy Fitness online courses to support older dogs.

Our senior dogs need special support to have as much mobility and enjoyment of life as possible in old age – and as much as possible without pain. Discover the different online courses to help your senior dog here.

For therapists

Are you a pet therapist looking to offer dog fitness in your practice?

In my ExpertFIT online course – Dog Fitness for Pet Therapists, you’ll get multiple training concepts for musculoskeletal conditions and senior dogs with over 100 video tutorials, plus 2 webinar recordings & additional handouts for patient owners. So

FREE offers

You want to get to know me and my work first?

Free HappySENIOR – free online course. Get first valuable impulses and guidance on how to support your older dog.

Free HappyFIT training – for more fitness and health! You’ll get exercises that train your dog’s muscles, joint mobility, strength and coordination & a great discount code for all online classes!

My book

Physiotherapy for the dog

By Martina Flocken – published by Kosmos Verlag

In this thematic book on dog physiotherapy, you will get an intensive insight into dog physiotherapy on 272 pages and learn about different measures to actively support your dog – help for self-help.


The Doggy Fitness BLOG

Get in-depth knowledge about dog physiotherapy, common joint and back conditions, treatment options, to senior dog, dog fitness training, my best lifehacks in several 100 articles. u. v. m.


The Doggy Fitness Webinars

Learn all about dog exercise, musculoskeletal disorders, dog fitness training, the older dog in my various webinars. u. v. m.

I am

Dog physiotherapist and book author. Welcome to Doggy Fitness. Dog physiotherapy has been my passion for many years now and I have been privileged to help many dogs gain more pain-free mobility. My guiding principle is “movement is life”. I am joined by Tessa, who you will also see in my online courses. We have been going through life together for many years now. For me, she is the best proof of how much our dogs benefit when we humans take care of their health. Thanks to dog fitness training, gentle massages and supportive measures from nature such as medicinal plants, she is still really fit at the age of 13. I show you in my courses how you can achieve this with your dog. And it doesn’t matter if you have a healthy dog that you want to support preventively, or a dog with a musculoskeletal condition, or a senior dog. I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

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