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Developed by the cert. Dog physiotherapist Martina Flocken – for maximum mobility and health according to his needs


That too is doggy fitness

Free courses from Doggy Fitness
Maximum support
for your dog through perfectly coordinated course packages

Here you will find various free offers to try out if you don’t know me yet and would like to get to know me a little better first .

Not sure what’s right for you and your dog? Feel free to contact me and together we can choose the right course for your dog’s needs.

Free offers on the subject of dog physiotherapy and dog fitness training

Free webinar senior dog

Do you have an older dog and want to learn more about the ageing process and how you can support it? Then join my free webinar!

Free HappySENIOR course

You have an older dog and want to learn how to support him? Sign up now for my FREE HappySENIOR course and get valuable tips.

Free HappyFIT course

You want to get to know me and my dog fitness training? Sign up now for my FREE HappyFIT class.

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