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AKTIV online courses for comprehensive support for your dog

Developed by the cert. Dog physiotherapist Martina Flocken – for maximum mobility and health according to his needs


Concentrated knowledge with the Doggy Fitness AKTIV online courses - with online support

Maximum support for your dog through perfectly coordinated measures from dog physiotherapy & naturopathy
Maximum support
for your dog through perfectly coordinated course packages

Here you will find the AKTIV online courses on various topics in which you can Comprehensive dog physiotherapy measures such as needs-oriented Dog fitness training, massages, heat therapy etc. and Accompanying measures from the get to know naturopathy and to teach your dog his health needs with a comprehensive concept and to provide long-term support. With the AKTIV online courses you cover the Supporting your dog in matters of Mobility, Pain relief and Quality of life in active and passive measures and I will pass on my many years of experience and knowledge to you. In addition, we meet once a month live and in person on Zoom and you can ask me your questions in person and I will be there to support you.

Are you unsure which AKTIV course is right for your dog? Feel free to contact me and together we can choose the right course for your dog’s needs.

AKTIV online courses


Do you have an older dog and want to keep it mobile with senior-friendly dog fitness training and at the same time support it with measures such as gentle massage to relieve tension and e.g. wraps to support joint function and pain relief, heat therapy? Would you also like to learn how you can accompany him gently and naturally with medicinal plants and medicinal mushrooms? The SeniorAKTIV online course gives you exactly that. An effective and proven combination of active physiotherapeutic movement exercises tailored to the needs of older dogs, gentle accompanying measures such as massage etc. and naturopathic knowledge to support joint function, delay the ageing process and relieve pain. Including my personal accompaniment via live Zoom meetings. For an effective and natural companionship of your dog in old age. Because even in old age, our dogs can remain mobile and fit and enjoy this phase of their lives to the full!


Your dog suffers from a joint disease such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia and you would like to mobilize him with gentle dog fitness training and stop the progression of the joint disease? Would you also like to be able to provide support with massage and, for example, heat therapy and wraps? Is a comprehensive knowledge of this important to you? Is it important to you to maintain and improve joint function and relieve pain? Would you also like to accompany your dog with medicinal plants and food supplements? The GelenkAKTIV online course gives you exactly that. Including my personal accompaniment via live Zoom meetings. An effective combination of active physiotherapeutic movement exercises for mobilization and effective measures to support the joints for effective and natural management of joint disease. For maximum enjoyment of life & mobility for your dog despite joint disease.


Does your dog suffer from a back condition such as spondylosis, herniated disc or cauda equina compression syndrome? You don’t want to accept this, but would like to learn how to support him in a targeted and effective way? In the RückenAKTIV online course you will learn exactly that from me: to mobilize and strengthen your dog with back-strengthening dog fitness training, to improve his nerve function and to stop the progression of the back disease. You will learn how to massage your dog to relieve tension and back pain. I will introduce you to various measures that you can also use to relieve pain and strengthen nerve function. To support your dog naturally, you will also learn about medicinal plants that are particularly suitable for back problems. All of this offers you a powerful combination for effective and proven support for your dog. Including my personal accompaniment via live Zoom meetings.

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