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The Doggy Fitness APP - dog health to go!

Discover Germany’s 1st app for dog physiotherapy and dog fitness by and with Martina Flocken


Get maximum mobility and support your dog's health anytime, anywhere!

The Doggy Fitness APP - Germany's 1st dog physiotherapy & dog fitness APP!

Do you already know Germany’s 1st dog physiotherapy & dog fitness APP?

This is dog health to go and always with you! With our APP you can access your course content at any time, train with your dog or support him with massage & co. Whether you’re on a walk, on vacation or even offline, all course content is available to you!

  • Want to quickly read up on something because you want to check which exercises are on the training plan for you today?
  • Would you like to read a detail about a massage technique from your massage course?
  • How did the compress go and what was the name of this exciting medicinal plant that helps against joint pain?

Simply open the app and read up on your course! Your knowledge about dog fitness and dog physiotherapy is always with you on the Doggy Fitness app!

Discover THE dog health app with a 20% launch discount* on in-app purchases: Simply enter the code APP20!

*only valid until 18.02.2024

Your Doggy Fitness app benefits at a glance

Your course content is also available offline in the Doggy Fitness app. Train from anywhere and reliably support your dog’s health – it’s possible.

Everything in one place with one click. You open the Doggy Fitness app and your online courses are immediately available for you. No need to log in and save links.

The app keeps you up to date and lets you know immediately when there are new offers. Are you interested in other courses? Bookings can be made conveniently directly via the app.

Free HappyFIT course

You want to get to know me and my dog fitness training? Then sign up now for my free HappyFIT course.

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